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Hi I’m Keba Richardson I’m from Riverdale GA I graduated from Georgia State University with a BA in Business Economics. After college I decided to take the entrepreneurial route into the beauty industry as a stylist. A few years into my entrepreneurial journey I adapted a healthy lifestyle and this changed the trajectory of my entire career.

 I spent over 4 years as a holistic nutrition coach primarily working with African American women. In my time as a nutrition coach I was able to help clients from all over the world attain better health through my online courses, ebooks, health challenges and membership programs. 

April 20, 2020 I released my first memoir The Journey Of Un-Becoming which has gotten some pretty amazing reviews and I'm currently building my lifestyle brand Pretty Women Love Cannabis which was created to help break the stigma associated with women using cannabis.

 Outside of running my two current businesses I enjoy spending time with my son, reading, traveling(especially to the beach), listening to R & B music, eating out, and being in nature. 


In this memoir I share with you the journey of a woman who came from a broken home plagued by mass incarceration, addiction, and dysfunction. A teenage mother, a former stripper, and, woman who defied the odds to reach the pinnacle of so called "success”. 

This is the journey of a woman who became “Everything” they say you should only to Un-become it all.

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A Lifestyle Brand and Movement Dedicated to Breaking the Stigma Associated with Women Using Cannabis

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